Urban Chic: Claire and Chris

There are so many different ways to ensure your Humanist Wedding accurately reflects your relationship and  your character,  and I love it when  couples stamp their own very unique personality on the day.  As soon as I met Claire and Chris I knew they were going to be great fun and I wasn’t wrong! Together with a fantastic bunch of guests they had a really joyful day and made the very most of every moment.


…..What I love about these photos is that could not possibly be of any other couple! And that’s what makes them to special. So amongst the many things you might want to think about when getting your photos taken is – what would you like your wedding pics to say about you, your relationship and your day ? I don’t think there can be any doubt that Claire and Chris’ brilliant photographer Stevie Weir made a great job of reflecting what a spontaneous and fun day it was, and how  Claire and Chris clearly make each other very happy. What more could you ask for !?


Their ceremony was a lovely mix of laughter and sentiment and it was a real privilege to be part of it so thank you Claire and Chris !