A Scottish Seaside Wedding: Laura and Ciaran

Deciding to get married on a beach in Scotland is potentially quite a brave move :-)…. but Laura and Ciaran could not have had a more amazing day for their June wedding at the Harvest Moon Campsite in East Lothian. To say the spot was perfect may sound cliched but well…. there is no other way of describing it ! With the sun splitting the sky, the scene was set for a really special day and there was lots of laughter as we re-lived the story of how Laura and Ciaran got together….:-)



And if you have to wear sunglasses in your wedding photos in Scotland I think you know it’s been a good day…Thank you so much to Laura and Ciaran not only for letting me be part of their special day, but also for being kind enough to let me share some of their fantastic photos which really do justice to how fabulous they looked, and what a magical day it was.

Some practical things you might want to consider if you are planning a beach wedding are;

Acoustics: being outside is lovely but it can be harder for your guests to hear. If you have a small crowd it’s ok but with a bigger group you might want to sit your guests in more of a horseshoe style so the acoustics are better. If you’ve really got a lot of guests you might need to consider amplification… unless you want your celebrant to be shouting right into your lug ! It’s really important that folk can hear the ceremony so that you can create the atmosphere you want :-)


Seating: If you are doing the organisation yourselves you might want to think of clever ways to try and cut down your work load. There is nothing wrong with asking guests to carry their chairs back from the beach – in fact it makes for some great and really cool photos as you can see !

Older people and children: It’s your day and your guests will all be delighted to fit in with what your dream is for your ceremony, but it’s nice to spare a thought for oldies and wee ones. If you think it might be cold maybe arrange to have some blankets or hand warmers for older folks and children who might feel the cold a bit more.

Good luck with your planning !